Words and Music by Matt Finlayson

Got a pair of skates,
Hockey stick and a thin sheet of ice
In a big huge freezer
Starting the week off right
There’s fifteen players, two are guarding the pipes
Two hours in front of us
More subs would be nice
Stick’s out at center ice
Deal em out–Good shinny hockey tonight

You wanna be like Mr. Hockey
Be The Rocket of your hockey folklore
You’d like to see the ice like 99
Tear it up like number four

Tempered steel carving corners
Vulcanized rubber sliding on ice
Getting lost in he moment
Never live the same moment twice
There are a couple of guys with defensive minds
Cherry pickers floating high on all of the lines
It makes for classic shinny hockey
In this cool cool freezer tonight

To make the play is the thing
And never knowing that you have to keep score
There’s a guy over their, yelling
You gotta pass more
I say okay, lets do a breakout play
Try it out and see if it works
Chalk it up to being part of the
The shinny hockey game

It takes all kinds
To play a shinny hockey game
You got your left wingers right wingers
And everything in between
The idiosyncratic, kinda fanatic
Never mundane,
The all too pedantic
The players are the thing at the shinny hockey game

Copyright İİ Matt Finlayson, 2007